The opening event of the 2020 USA-EAST Season is now slated for Saturday, June 27 at the Great Geauga County Fairgrounds in Burton, Ohio.  Action will get underway between 6:00pm and 6:30pm.  NOTE:  The Bunker Hill “Shoot-Out” is awaiting approval to run on June 26 and 27 and could actually be first if the OK is given.

Mike Stimmell and Josh Morgan from Ashland, Ohio will bring their all new Track Boss weight sled to Geauga for the pull that will feature six different classes of competition in this order:

  1. ‘Cool’ Street Semi Trucks – Daily drivers from the area.  Open to everyone to come out and play.  Licensing is required.
  2. Triple Crowne GAS 4×4 – Open to the world but carrying USA-EAST points. These street licensed machines with no front weights are a crowd pleaser.
  3. Limited Pro/Super Farm Tractors – “Smoker” tractors sponsored by American Crop Insurance. Expect to see a very nice field of a great mix of manufacturers from a number of states.
  4. ‘Hot’ Street Semi Trucks – Trucks that are maybe driven on the street, but definitely turned up to perform on the track.
  5. The PA POSSE Semis – Now we are talking power. BIG engines and special transmissions put this group into the BIG power category.
  6. Triple Crowne DIESEL 4×4 – A USA-EAST point class for trucks that are still licensed for the highway and street legal but no front weights.

Because this pull will be run under rules that have been approved by the health department due to COVID-19 fans need to be aware of some definite changes.  First and foremost the grandstand will be limited to only 800 persons so that social distancing can be achieved.  Once those 800 seats are sold ($15) and kids under 10 are FREE – the grandstand will be closed.  Statement on advance tickets:

Due to COVID-19 this pull will be run under special rules with the Grandstand limited to no more than 800 tickets.  These tickets may ‘sell out’. 

>>A “Drive In” CASH ONLY advance ticket sales will be held at the Great Geauga County Fairgrounds on Thursday, June 25 between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. <<

Fans may buy their tickets at that time to assure that they have a seat in the Grandstand on Saturday evening.  Tickets are fully 100% refundable if both Saturday and the Sunday rain-date cancel. All tickets that remain after the advance sale date will go on sale beginning at 2:00pm at the fairgrounds on the day of the pull until the supply is gone.  Pit passes ($25 with kids under 10 FREE) will be available from that time at the rear entrance to the track.  All tickets and passes will be sold from your car – there will be no ticket windows and fans will not leave their vehicle to get a ticket.  Parking is free in either location.

Pit passes will be sold only at the rear gate on the fairgrounds.  All persons must purchase a pit pass to enter.  A waiver form is required.  Persons should print the waiver form (click here) and all persons should sign the form prior to arriving at the pit gate.   Parents will sign for their minor children.  This will save time and eliminate the passing of a clipboard back and forth between vehicles.  Additional pit area seating will be available for this pull so that social distancing can be observed.  Also fans in the pits may bring folding chairs and place them in a special area on the harness track for good close-up viewing of the pull.

The Geauga Power Pulls are annually one of the best pulls of the season and even with all of the necessary changes brought on by the pandemic, this event will still be a top rated pull.


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