USA-EAST** is a regional sanctioning body for the sport of tractor and truck pulling. The geographic area encompassed by USA-EAST lies predominantly in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and New York. Nearly 200 pullers were members of USA-EAST in 2022. The 2023 season will make the 17th year of operation of this ever-growing sanctioning association. The office of USA-EAST is located in Scottdale, Pennsylvania (Westmoreland County). Richard Love is the principal director of USA-EAST.

USA-EAST serves as the sanctioning body for all pulling events that are conducted by Full Pull Productions LLC of Scottdale, Pennsylvania. The following divisions/classes will be sanctioned as a part of USA-EAST in 2023:

“Big Rigs℠ Pulling Series”(BR))

Limited Pro Stock & Super Farm Tractors(LP/SF)

‘Run What Ya Brung’ Series – Modified Pick Up Trucks (RWYB)

Limited Pro Diesel 4×4 Trucks (3.0 sb)

Super Street Gasoline 4×4 Trucks (SSG)

Hot Farm Tractors (HF)

Classic Super Stock Tractors (CSS)

Pro Street Diesel 4×4 Trucks (2.6)

Hot Rod V-8 Modified Tractors (HRV8)

Small Block Modified 4500 lbs Trucks (45Mod)

PA Posse Semi Trucks (Posse)

Triple Crown Series Gas Trucks (TCS – G)

Triple Crown Series Diesel Trucks (TCS – D)

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors (LLSS)

Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks

Modified Minis

Renegade Open Street Diesel Trucks

Pro Street Semi Trucks



**“USA-EAST” is the commonly used name abbreviation for USA-EAST SLED PULLING, INC.


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