USA-EAST** is a regional sanctioning body for the sport of tractor and truck pulling. The geographic area encompassed by USA-EAST lies predominantly in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and New York. Nearly 200 pullers were members of USA-EAST in 2023. The 2024 season will make the 18th year of operation of this ever-growing sanctioning association. The office of USA-EAST is located in Scottdale, Pennsylvania (Westmoreland County). Richard Love is the principal director of USA-EAST.

USA-EAST serves as the sanctioning body for all pulling events that are conducted by Full Pull Productions LLC of Scottdale, Pennsylvania. The following divisions/classes will be sanctioned as a part of USA-EAST in 2024:

“Big Rigs℠ Pulling Series”(BR))

Smoker Series – Lt Pro Stock, Lim Pro (A Pump), Super Farm (SMOKER)

‘Run What Ya Brung’ Series – Modified Pick Up Trucks (RWYB)

Limited Pro Diesel 4×4 Trucks (3.0 sb)

Pro Street Diesel 4×4 Trucks (2.6)

Light Limited Super Stock Tractors (LLSS)

Super Pro Duel Fuels (DF)

Hot Farm Tractors (HF)

Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks

Modified Minis

Classic Super Stock Tractors (CSS)

Hot Rod V-8 Modified Tractors (HRV8)

Small Block Modified 4500 lbs Trucks (45Mod)

Triple Crown Series Gas Trucks (TCS – G)

Triple Crown Series Diesel Trucks (TCS – D)

Renegade Open Street Diesel Trucks

Pro Street Semi Trucks

Super Street Gasoline 4×4 Trucks (SSG)


PA Posse Semi Trucks (Posse) 

**“USA-EAST” is the commonly used name abbreviation for USA-EAST SLED PULLING, INC.


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