This class has become one of the most popular tractor divisions with USA-EAST in just a couple of years. Tractors running in the ‘Hot Farm’ division are now running so hot that they run very much like their Super Farm cousins. The 2021 season proved to be a great year. 

‘Hot Farm’ tractors welcome tractors that are still used on the farm, but very few from this category wish to test out the strong fields of tractors at USA-EAST pulls. These hot farm machines are strictly purpose-built tractors that don’t even show a minor sign of manure or other farm remnants. And the owners treat them more like a family member than an agricultural implement.

The Champion in 2022 was Brian McConnell from Volant, PA with his  International named “Milkmans Mojo”  The tractor put on quite a win streak en route to 3 different Championships in 2022.

‘Hot Farm’ Tractors were sponsored by Hubner Seed again in 2022. Hubner Seed and their regional representative Lamar Denlinger from Sugarcreek, Ohio provide a vital link between the agricultural community at large and the sport of tractor and truck pulling.

The ‘Hot Farm’ Tractor class has stamped itself as one of the up-and-coming divisions of USA-EAST Pulling. Look for more from this class in the future.

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