Blown Modified Minis

The Blown Modified Minis are the newest class added to the USA East Class Lineup.  With the most horsepower to weight Ratio in the sport these little beasts are nothing but wild.  The Minis are growing nationally and are one of the most sought after classes in all of pulling right now. Weighing in at 2050 pounds with 572 Cubic alcohol engines and 14-71 Blowers these machines in excess of 3000 hp.  

In 2023 the class was limited to just 7 hooks at 4 different venues. It was anybodies game in 2023 for the championship however the team from North Carolina came out the victor at the last event.  Kody Singletary and his Carolina Night Train II was the first USA EAST Champion.  

CM Pulling Tires, the premier manufacturer of mini rod tires, was the class sponsor in 2023. 

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