The USA-EAST Sanctioned “Run What Ya Brung” Modified  Truck class is a very competitive class of open class trucks. The rules make the class significantly more open in its complexion. Beginning in 2013 the class was opened to gas and alcohol trucks with superchargers (‘blowers’) that added some very strong trucks to the mix. And the rules allowed the use of Nitrous Oxide (NOS) in certain configurations. These changes were designed to allow the gas trucks and the diesel trucks to compete in the same class. And in 2017 two-wheel drive trucks were admitted to the class.

Calvin Miller, from Guys Mills, Pennsylvania took the USA-EAST championship in 2020 with 2002 Doge Ram  powered by a  Schied built Cummins diesel motor.

The class sponsor in 2020 was Warren Diesel Injection of Guys Mills, PA allowing for a very handsome point fund for this division. Cen.Pe.Co. Lubricants provided end-of-season bonus bucks to the ‘Run What Ya Brung’ division in 2020.

2020 “Run What Ya Brung”  Modifed Trucks Points Race

Bunker HillBunker HillSomersetBurton Out9.19.20TOTAL
Calvin Miller – 11062002 DodgeRunnin’ In the Red4648048142
Kelly Giltinan -11721955 FordBull Headed5046044140
Rine/Kendzierski – 12641933 WillysBlown Income4040050130
Jesse Warren – 12622005 FordSharkBait48440092
Cliff Carnes – 11102001 DodgeCarnage44004690
Jon Waskob – 1255DodgeRollin Coal42420084
Mike Lepley – 11441995 DodgeHostile0500050
Lester Bates – 12532012 FordCompletely Nuts00000
Doug Martin –  12351978 ChevyHuffmansAuto.com00000
Justin Garwood – 119001 DodgeGoat on a Rope00000
Jerry Berghoff –  11541972 FordAttitude Adjuster Reloaded00000
Brad Berghoff –  11432010 FordAttitude Adjuster II00000

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