May 28, 2024 By: Richard Love
Thick black smoke will fill the air as the only ALL DIESEL pull on the 2024 USA-EAST schedule takes to the track this Saturday evening (June 1) at 7:00pm. The annual ‘Diesel Days’ is a showcase of some of the top all-smoke divisions running with USA-EAST. This super event is sponsored by Warren Diesel Injection (WDI) of Guys Mills, Pennsylvania, known for producing some of the most powerful Ford 6.0 Diesel Engines in America. The event will be held at the Butler Farm Show grounds adjacent to the Butler Airport just of Route 68 – Evans City Road.
The Limited Pro Stock (3.0) diesel 4×4 trucks sponsored by Litman Excavating will be a great truck class for the evening. Featuring high-performance diesel engines with upwards of 1500 horsepower this class will hook for the second time in 2024. The leading contender for the season would be Charlie Reckart of Ahah, PA in Fayette County. His Dodge called “Ain’t Cheatin’ Yet” just missed the top spot last week-end at Weakland’s and is the defending USA-EAST Champion is this division.
Renegade Diesel 4×4 Trucks will also be on the schedule at Diesel Days.
This open entry class for street licensed trucks allows for numerous modifications to the engine and drivetrain while still maintaining a street appearance. The winner last week at Weakland’s was Brendan Kippel from Dawson in Fayette County with a very stout 2012 Dodge Ram machine. The 2023 champion, Rod Briggs and “The Freak” is also expected to make their first pass of the new season. This class is sponsored by Cotton’s Diesel of Butler,PA
Tractor fans will not be left out of Diesel Days as the Classic Super Stock Tractors are coming to the Farm Show Arena. This smoker division has all of the major brands as they compete with USA-EAST for this first time on June 1. Mike Sindlinger from Hadley, PA won it all last season with a super running Ford 8600 called “Iron OX”. And as is the case early in the season fans can expect a couple of tractors from the NTPA regional series to join in for Diesel Dayz including the 2023 NTPA ChampionJohn Stanley and “Green Broke Deere” from Hanoverton, Ohio.
The up and coming youth class will also be on hand for this event. Last year we debuted the YOUTH class at Diesel Days and it is looking to pick up steam getting 12-15 yr olds involved.
The final class of the evening will be the BIG ONE!!! “Run What Ya Brung” and hope ya brung enough!!! The RWYB class is sponsored by Warren Diesel & Injections Open entries, anythinggoes, no cubic inch limits, no turbo limits, big tires, and even Nitrous Oxide is permitted in this class. Some of the best of all time are expected for this early season shakedown cruise for 300 feet at Diesel Days. Calvin Miller from Crawford County, Pennsylvania is the 2023 champion coming back to defend his crown with “Runnin’ In the Red” a super stock Dodge with
triple turbo-chargers.
BUT … THERE IS MORE. Just added to the program. “Straight off the Street” Diesel Pickups. Bring your street diesel pickup out and see what you have against the competition. This class is for street licensed and inspected diesel 4×4 pick-ups.
ALSO. A special “shoot out” for 2.6 Diesel 4×4 Trucks has been added. This is not a point class but rather a ‘buy in’ type event where each owner pays $100 to get into the fray. 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 20%. The more people that register the more $$$ for thetaking.
USA-EAST Sled Pulling, the largest sanctioning body in the eastern United States. The USA EAST sanctioned series includes events with the Western New York Pro Pullers and the all-new Pull Off Productions of Eastern Pennsylvania. All USA-EAST sanctioned tractor and truck pulls are promoted by Full Pull Productions LLC of Scottdale, Pennsylvania. For more information, check out the website at www.fullpullproductions.com or call 412.480.9307. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fullpullusaeast and follow us on Instagram at
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