USA-East Rule Changes for 2019


General Rules

5. Traction Control is prohibited in any form at USA-Events. This includes any type of engine retardation and or engine management that would result in engine power being altered to the wheels in order to gain a traction advantage.

11. Any single turbo (3.0” and larger in diameter) must have a minimum of 1/8” cable wrapped around turbo. Cable must wrap two revolutions around turbo, clamped by a minimum of two clamps at splice, or Kevlar lined turbo blanket covering the intake housing.


New Class for 2019

Smooth Bore 3.0 Diesel Trucks – See complete rules on line Here

Smoker Series Tractors PS/SS – No Rule Changes


Limited Pro Stock/Super Farm Tractors – No Rule Changes


Big Rig Semis


Electronic Fuel Injection/ Electronic engine control (ECM) must use factory (ECM) with Factory connections. All Engine control must come from the factory (ECM). A Cummins engine must have a Cummins ECM – A CAT must have a CAT ECM, etc.

PA Posse Semi –

Map Width Groove set at .280”

22,000 Lbs. Weight

Modified R.W.Y.B. Trucks – No rule changes


Super Street Gas Trucks-

Engine must remain in stock location or no farther forward than 12” from the rear of engine block to centerline of front axle

Work Stock Gas Trucks-

BODY: Truck/Van must be stock in appearance. Full Size SUV Bodies are allowed (Suburban, Broncos permitted. No Ambulance, Delivery type truck body’s, etc. permitted. Floor in bed must be solid. The wheelbase may not be changed from original manufacturer. No Flatbed type truck beds (A 1 time expectation may be made for local puller). All body panels including in the inner and outer skins of the trucks bed well as the floor of truck bed must be O.E.M or heavier built. Fiberglass hoods and/or fiberglass hood scoops are permitted. Other design modifications to reduce weight are not permitted. Glass- All windows must be in place with OEM Glass.

ENGINE: Must be an O.E.M factory production engine or remanufactured OEM designed engine that was available in a mass produced truck/van 1 ton or less application. The maximum cubic inch will be 505 Cu.In. Provisions must be made to put on a “seal” on the engine after the truck has been cube checked. Engine must remain in stock location or no farther forward than 12” from the rear of engine block to centerline of front axle. All trucks running for points must be cubed checked by the end of the 2nd hook. Competitors must be able to have their engine pumped at ANYTIME during the pull season. A 1% variance will be permitted. Engine must remain in the stock location. No aluminum engine blocks are permitted unless O.E.M. Any cast iron or conventional type iron cylinder heads permitted. Must maintain factory intake and exhaust port spacing and Height with in ½”. Factory O.E.M. aluminium heads permitted. No pro-stock type cylinder heads (i.e. “Big Chief”, “Big Duke”, “C-head”, “Hemi”, “Blue Thunder pro stock style heads”, etc.), no billet heads. O.E.M. No sheet metal or tunnel ram intakes permitted.

Small Block Modified Gas Trucks –

No LS or HEMI type Blocks

Classic Super Stock Tractors-

AGE OF TRACTOR: 1980 and older but including total run of that model.

CYLINDER BLOCK AND CRANK CASE: Must be from the same manufacturer. All up graded Blocks must be approved by the committee. Examples: IH 68 series 466, JD 40 series 8.1L, JD 5010 & 5020 can decube a 619 block, AC 516, Case 504, Ford 478, MM 504, Oliver 478 and others to be approved by the committee ALL ENGINES MUST BE 531 CUBIC INCHES OR SMALLER

INJECTOR PUMPS: P 7100 series Pump maximum, one plunger per cylinder. No computerized fuel systems allowed

Hot Rod V-8 Tractors-

No changes

Hot Farm Tractors-

No changes

Triple Crown Series

GAS/Diesel – Points Only Awarded to USA-East Members-

Can purchase Special Membership for $50.00


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