ADOPTED:  11.16.2017

Each owner or driver who participates in pulling events operated under these rules is fully responsible for the safety of his equipment.  Nothing herein should be construed as a guarantee against injury or death to participants, crewmen, family members, bystanders or spectators.  Each participant at a Full Pull Productions pulling event must assure that their equipment and replacement equipment throughout the season meets the safety requirements for this class.

WEIGHT CLASS:  9,500 pounds

Any tractor that has competed with the USA-EAST Limited Pro or Super Farm division in 2018 must submit to a complete ‘super tech’ prior to participating with the Hot Farms. Additionally any tractor competing more than twice (2) in the Limited Pro Stock / Super Farm will not be eligible in the “Hot” Farm tractor during that pulling season.

All ‘Hot Farm’ tractors must be stock appearing. All hoods, grills, fenders and frame must be stock appearing for make and model being pulled. Tractor must have a stock block or its factory replacement.  OEM Stock Head. No Re-Cast Blocks/Heads. Intake spacer no greater than 1”. 600 Cubic Inch maximum. Diesel is the only acceptable fuel. Maximum size of a Deck plate is 1” inch thickness. Any tractor is subject to a cubic inch check.

A wide front-end is required for all competition tractors.

No pressurized fuel tanks are permitted in this class.

Water for cooling purposes of the turbo will be permitted. No types of accelerants or oxygen extenders or the like will be permitted.

Tractors must be equipped with steel hitching device not more than 1.5” thick with a 3.5” diameter opening. Cross sectional thickness must be measured 1” min. to 1.5” max. Pulling point must not be more than 1.5” from back edge of the pulling device.

Tractors must hitch to a stationary draw bar with a max. 20” height, and a minimum of 18” from the center of rear axle to the hitch point, a clevis is not permitted.

Any loss of weights or excess fluids or any part of the tractor during the pull, will result in a disqualification. Tarp straps are not allowed anywhere on the tractor.

OEM stock intake and exhaust manifolds must be used for that series engine (alterations for turbo mounting ONLY are allowed). No Recast Pumps

  1. Legality of the injector pump by officials is based on the visual inspection of the outside housing and not the inner workings of the injector pump. No Billet Pumps.
  2. ‘A’ PUMP: All ‘A’ pumps must be derived from the German Bosch design. Allowed an Intercooler
  3. ‘P’ PUMP: No Inner Cooler
  4. No sigma pumps OR MW or Re-Cast pumps are permitted.
  5. All Fuel Injection Pumps must maintain stock OEM Dimensions

A single turbo-charger ONLY is permitted with the following:


  1. Intake housing to be no larger than 3.1” at the face of the wheel.
  2. Compressor wheel must protrude into 3” bore.
  3. Map width enhancement of .200” Maximum is permitted. Must be in OEM location
  4. All Air flow must go through the turbo intake and map ring, no other air flow will be permitted: IE. Drilled holes around the turbo intake


  1. Turbine wheel to be no less than 3.0” in diameter at intersection of turbine wheel face and tip diameter.
  2. Turbine housing to be no larger than 3” at intersection of turbine wheel face and tip diameter.
  3. All turbine wheel blades to protrude into 3” bore. All air must exit through 3” opening.
  4. Exhaust housing will be measured at intersection of turbine wheel face and tip diameter.
  5.  No waste gates permitted.
  6.  No variable geometric turbos permitted.
  7.  No clipping of turbo wheels to allow larger wheel in a smaller housing.

20.8” x 38” ” tires the largest allowed with cut tires permitted.

All tractors must have wheelie bars that are able to support the weight of the tractor.

Front weights may not extend more than 13’ from center of rear axle to the front of weights. Rear weights may not extend more than 6” past rear tires, and may not interfere with hooking device or ability to hook and unhook the tractor from the sled.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  (See Farm Stock note below)

  • Tractors must have steel engine side shields
  • Tractors must use an approved blanket on the transmission and clutch area
  • All engine fans must be shrouded with factory shroud or 1/16” thick steel shroud
  • All tractors must have a safety kill switch or an air shutoff
  • Each tractor must have a 2.5 lb. dry chemical fire extinguisher accessible to the driver while operating the tractor
  • Must have at a minimum of a factory R.O.P.S. system capable of supporting the tractor at its heaviest weight class.

NOTE:  A true farm stock tractor operating at no more than 10% over manufacturer’s RPM specifications is released from the safety equipment requirements.

The exhaust MUST discharge vertically and MUST have two (2) Grade 5 cross bolts (3/8”) in the exhaust elbow or pipe. Bolts must be installed 90 degrees to each other and within one (1) inch of each other as close to turbo as possible.

Driver must wear a motor sport designed helmet. (Snell 80 or higher).

Driver must be a minimum of 18 years of age to pull in this class /or if ages 16 or 17/ must present a signed and notarized statement of permission from a parent or legal guardian.

All drivers must wear leather shoes and long pants.

No more than one person is permitted on the tractor at any time.

Driver must remain seated and have at least one hand on the wheel at all times. Driver may not leave the seat of the tractor while it is running.

** For the 2018Season any tractor that is running the following rules will be permitted on Trial Basis with the following rules being utilized:

1). A 3LM 466 Charger with a compressor housing intake at maximum 2.9” I.D. and exhaust housing at no larger than a 360 with a maximum outlet of 3.06” I.D. will be permitted.

2). Front weights may not extend more than 11 feet from center of rear axle to the front of weights. Rear weights may not extend more than 6” past rear tires.

3). Will weigh in at 10,000 Lbs. This weight may be subject to alterations to ensure competitiveness in the Hot Farm Class.

4). At each event Driver must declare at Registration and Tech which Turbo the tractor is utilizing. May not switch after that point for that event.

USA-East would permit a tractor using these rules to compete at USA-Events in 2019

The following is the 2019 NTPA Hot Farm Tractor Rules

  1. 510 cubic inch limit (+ or – 1 percent). Maximum of 8 cylinders permitted.
  2. Engine head must be OEM agriculture-type (no aftermarket head) for that brand engine. Must have engine Cubic Inched prior to tractors first hook with USA-East
  3. No overhead cams allowed. Maximum of 2 valves per cylinder.
  4. Manifolds
  5. a) Intake manifold may be non-OEM with a maximum inlet size 3.75” measured on the outside diameter. One inlet pipe only.
  6. b) No intercooler or aftercooler allowed. If OEM intercooler manifold is used it must be disconnected from all cooling means.  No CO2 or any other means of cooling the air in the piping or manifold.  No ice filled or ice cooled devices onboard tractor of any kind.  All engine air must enter the inlet of the turbo at ambient air temp and humidity.  Inlet air may not be drawn thru or across any type of cooling device.
  7. c) Exhaust headers allowed
  8. Turbo restriction 3” inlet X 3½” exhaust outlet, no waste gates. Compressor wheel must protrude into the 3” bore. Intake housing to be no larger than three inches at the face of the wheel. No additional openings in compressor housing outside the 3” opening. The exhaust side to be no larger than 3.5″ at the face of the wheel and the wheel should protrude the housing 1/8″. MWE groove is allowed a maximum width of .200. MWE groove must be inside neck area where intake covered is measured at 3”
  9. The Maximum allowed size pump for diesel injection is a P-Pump. (No aftermarket housing) Only one plunger per cylinder allowed.

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