January 23, 2024

Full Pull Productions LLC, the parent company of the Big Rigs Pulling Series has named RJ Feicht as the new Director for the series.  Feicht of St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania is the son of Rick Feicht who started the Big Rigs Series in 1991.  At the time this was the only semi truck pulling series in the United States. The Big Rig Pulling Series is the oldest continually running semi truck series in the United States. 

This announcement was made at the beginning of the year by Richard Love, Vice President and Director of Operations of Full Pull Productions, LLC. 

RJ has worked extensively with the Big Rigs for over thirty years and brings a wealth of expertise to the USA-EAST sanctioned division.  He was instrumental in producing the current set of governing rules for the class and has been the head tech official for the division. 

In his new position RJ will continue to head the rules committee for the Big Rigs as well as assuming the duties of tabulation of class points and working with Full Pull on the scheduling for Big Rigs events across the region.

RJ will also take over the Big Rigs pages on the web and on social media and will be active in the advertising process for the class in 2024.

In addition to his role with the Big Rigs, RJ will also work with USA-EAST on their other sanctioned divisions for semi trucks including the Pro Street semis and the Street Stock Semis.

All events within the Big Rigs Series will continue to be sanctioned exclusively through Full Pull Productions LLC under the USA-EAST banner and all participants in the series will be required to be members of USA-EAST Sled Pulling.

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