Full Pull Productions next event is coming up in just under two weeks. You wont want to miss this HUGE event. Make sure to mark it on your calendars. Tickets available online at www.fullpullprodcutions.com/tickets
4 classes of Competition
8700 Limited Pro/ 9500 Super Farm Tractors – $3000 purse – $750 to win
Run What Ya Brung 4×4 Trucks – Combination of Diesel, Alcohol, Nitrous, Blower Trucks, Lim Pro 3.0 can compete at their weight also. – $3300 Purse -$850 to win
Pro Street 2.6 4×4 Trucks – $1350 purse – $550 to win
Triple Crown Street Diesel 4×4 Trucks – $550 purse – $180 to win
BIG RIGS – Preview Event (Invitational)
Decision Maker Sled
Full Pull Productions never charges a per hook fee. Anyone is welcome to pull.
Please see www.fullpullprodcutions.com for rules and more info.
Also keep up to date with www.facebook.com/fullpullusaeast
Please call 412-480-9307 for more info.
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