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Tentative 8/2/19 

May 25, 2019Saturday 6:30 PMEXPO SPEEDWAY at Trumbull County FairgroundsCortland, OH LOVEBIG RIGS SEMIS; 3.0sb; CSS; POSSE
June 1, 2019 Saturday 6:30 PMCrawford Fairgrounds "Diesel Dayz"Meadville, PA CROUSE2.5; RWYB; 3.0sb; HF; TCD
7-Jun-19Friday 7:00PMBunker Hill Shoot-OutBeloit, OH SINGERHRV8; 2.5; CSS;  3.0sb
8-Jun-19Saturday 7:00PMBunker Hill Shoot-OutBeloit, OH SINGERBIG RIGS (SixPak); RWYB;  HF; LLSS; Street Diesel 4x4
June 15, 2019 Rain 6/16Saturday 7:00PMJefferson Fairgrounds "Big Rigs Power Pulls" Brookville, PA CROUSE/PREDATORBIG RIGS SEMIS; LP/SF; RWYB; TCD; 45MOD4X4
June 22, 2019 Rain 6/23Saturday 6:30 PMGeauga Fairgrounds "Geauga  Power Pulls"Burton, OH STIMMELLHF; 2.5; HRV8; Street Semi
22-Jun-19Saturday 7:00PMBuck Motor Sports ParkLancaster, PA LOVEBIG RIGS SEMIS; POSSE SEMIS
3-Jul-19Wednesday 7:00 PMBig Butler FairProspect, PA LOVE/LOVELP/SF; SSG; 2.5; 
4-Jul-19Thursday 5:30 PMBig Butler FairProspect, PA  LOVE/LOVE45MOD 4x4; TCG; TCD; Street Semi; Tri-Axle Dump
6-Jul-19Saturday 6:30 PMCookport Fairgrounds "Cookport Power Pulls"Commodore, PA CROUSELP/SF;  Street Semis;  45MOD; TCG; TCD, Tri -Axle Dumps
12-Jul-19Friday 7:00PMBunker Hill Shoot-OutBeloit, OH BINGHAM/MINI SLEDLP/SF; HRV8;  45MOD 4x4;      MINI ROD;  Street Diesel 4x4
13-Jul-19Saturday 7:00 PMBunker Hill Shoot-OutBeloit, OH BINGHAMCSS; 2.5; SSG; Street Semis, NTPA Legends
13-Jul-19Saturday (Two Sessions) 2:30 & 7:00 PMTrumbull County FairCortland, OH LOVE2:30   HRV8; HF; Street Semis 7:00 LP/SF: RWYB; BIG RIGS SEMIS
15-Jul-19Monday 7:00 PMJefferson County FairBrookville, PA PREDATOR45MOD 4x4; HF TCD
16-Jul-19Tuesday 7:00 PMJefferson County FairBrookville, PA PREDATORLP/SF; SSG; TCG
19-Jul-19Friday 6:00 PMCarroll County FairCarrollton, OH LOVERWYB; LP/SF; HRV8; CSS: LLS
20-Jul-19Saturday 6:00 PMRaceway SevenConneaut, OH LOVEBIG RIGS (SixPak); HRV8; + LLS (wny); TCD; Street Semis
26-Jul-19Friday 7:00 PMMile Branch Grange FairAlliance, OH STIMMELLHRV8; CSS: Heavy Open Tractor - Local Rules; Street Diesel 4x4 -Bunker Hill Rules
26-Jul-19Friday 7:30 PMBroome Co FairWhitney Pt, NY  LOVEStreet  Gas 4x4; Street Diesel 4x4; Mod StockGAS 4x4; Open Diesel 4x4 
26-Jul-19Friday 7:30 PMSummit County FairTallmadge, OH NEARPASSRWYB; 2.5; Street Semis
27-Jul-19Saturday 1:30 PMBroome Co FairWhitney Pt, NY LOVEStreet Semis  (Local Rules)
27-Jul-19Saturday 7:00PMBroome Co FairWhitney Pt, NY LOVEModified; SuperFarm NYTPA Sanctioned
27-Jul-19Saturday 6:30 PMFayette County FairDunbar, PA LOVERWYB;  FWD  (East Coast): Street Semis (local rules)
29-Jul-19Monday 7:00 PMFayette County FairDunbar, PA  LOVEPOSSE; LP/SF 3.0 sb
1-Aug-19Thursday 7:00 PMClearfield County FairClearfield, PA LOVEPOSSE; SSG; HF; Street Semis; Street  Gas 4x4; {COUNTY);Street  Diesel 4x4 {COUNTY) 
2-Aug-19Friday 7:00 PMColumbiana County FairLisbon, OH CROUSESSG; 3.0sb; CSS; SS/PS 
3-Aug-19Saturday 4:00 PMColumbiana County FairLisbon, OH STIMMELLHF; RWYB; LP/SF; HRV8; 2.5
3-Aug-19Saturday 6:30 PMCattaraugus County FairLittle Valley, NY CROUSEBIG RIGS SEMIS; Outlaw Semis; Street Gas 4x4; Street Diesel 4x4
8-Aug-19Thursday 7:00 PMSykesville FairSykesville, PA CROUSESSG; HF; 45MOD4x4; TCG; TCD
9-Aug-19Friday 8:00 PMWarren County FairPittsfield, PA CROUSE / LOVEBIG RIGS SEMIS; RWYB; 2.5; + LLSS (wny)
9-Aug-19Friday 7:00 PMBunker Hill Shoot-OutBeloit, OH BINGHAMLP/SF; HRV8; 3.0sb; Street Semis
10-Aug-19Saturday 7:00 PMBunker Hill Shoot-OutBeloit, OH BINGHAMCSS; SSG; 45MOD 4x4; Min Rod, Street Diesel 4x4
16-Aug-19Friday 7:00 PMJefferson County FairSmithfield, OH PREDATORCSS; 2.5; SSG; HRV8; 8000 Open Street 4x4 (Gas & Diesel Combo)
17-Aug-19Saturday 7:00 PMBuck Motorsports ParkLancaster, PA LOVEBIG RIGS (SixPak); Posse; Street Semis
17-Aug-19Saturday 12:30 PM Crawford County Fair TRACK ONEMeadville, PA CROUSESSG; 45MOD 4x4; 7000+9000 Farm;  TCD; TCG
17-Aug-19Saturday 12 NOONCrawford County Fair TRACK TWOMeadville, PA CROUSEANTIQUE TRACTORS -3000+4500+5500; 6500 +7500; 5500 Farm
17-Aug-19Saturday 7:30 PMCrawford County FairMeadville, PA CROUSE/CROUSECSS; RWYB; 2.5; Street Semis
23-Aug-19Friday 7:30 PMCrawford County FairMeadville, PA LOVE/SINGERBIG RIGS SEMIS;  3.0sb; HF; HRV8
31-Aug-19Saturday 7:00 PMCanfield Fair TWO TRACKSCanfield, OH LOVE/PREDATORBIG RIGS; CSS; RWYB; LP/SF; (+ NTPA Mod + TWD)
1-Sep-19Sunday 6:30 PMGreat Geauga Co. FairBurton, OH LOVEBIG RIGS; CSS; RWYB;  3.0sb; Street Semis
2-Sep-19Monday 5:00 PMGreat Stoneboro FairStoneboro, PA CROUSEHF; 45MOD 4x4; Street Semis, TCG; TCD; HRV8
14-Sep-19Saturday 6:30 PMSharon SpeedwayHartford, OH LOVEBIGRIGS (SixPac); 2.5; HRV8; Street Semis. PA Posse (INV)
September 21, 2019 Rain 9/22Saturday 6:30 PMBloomsburg FairBloomsburg, PA LOVE/LOVEBIG RIGS SEMIS; RWYB; SS/PS; POSSE
30-Sep-19Monday 7:00 PMCoshocton County FairCoshocton, OH STIMMELLRWYB; CSS; 2.5; Local Tractor Class
October 5, 2019Saturday 6:00 PMColumbiana Fairgrounds "Night Of Mayhem"Lisbon, OH LOVE/LOVEBIGRIGS (SixPac); RWYB; SS/PS;  CSS;   3.0 sb


BR- Big Rigs 3.6sb – Hot Diesel 4×4 Trucks Smooth Bore RWYB – Open Modified Trucks
PaP – PA Posse Semis LP/SF – Limited Pro/Super Farm Tractors CSS – Classic Super Stock Tractors
2.5 – Diesel 4×4 Trucks SS/PS – Smoker Series Tractors 45MOD4X4- 4500ModGas4x4- Modified Trucks
SSG – Super Street Gas 4×4 Trucks HRV-8 – Hot Rod V-8 Tractors HF – Hot Farm Tractors
   TCSD or TCSG – Triple Crown Series GAS/DIESEL Divisions  
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