Trumbull County Fair – Cortland, OH
Saturday, July 17
Two sessions
Classes and order of pull at 2:30
Hot Rod V-8’s
Classic Supers
Posse Semi Trucks
After the first session we will take a break, rework and water the track. At that point (approx 6:30 – 7:00PM) we will start the evening session.
Classes and order of pull for Evening session
Big Rig Semis
Run What Ya Brung
Limited Pro/ Super Farm Tractors
We appreciate everyone at the last few events registering early so that we can get everything completed and ready to start the event on time. Since this event is 2 session we would appreciate the afternoon session be register by 2:00PM at the latest and the evening session be registered by 6:00Pm at the latest. Thanks for all your cooperation. If you are running late for some reason please call to let us know so we can pre register you. Richard 412-480-9307, Aimee 724-454-7948
Please check our facebook page for weather updates the day of the event.
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