The rules promulgated in these rules are intended as guidelines for the sport SUPER STOCK and PRO STOCK tractor pulling. Each owner or driver who participates in pulling events operated under these rules is fully responsible for the safety of his equipment. Nothing herein should be construed as a guarantee against injury or death to participants, crewmen, family members, bystanders or spectators. Each participant at a Full Pull Productions pulling event must assure that their equipment and replacement equipment throughout the season meets the safety requirements for this class.

All tractors not running an approved roll over protection will be required to have a
47.1 SFI Spec. roll-over protection.

Component Tractors are permitted in the “Smoker Series”.
A “Smoker Series” Tractor chassis shall consist of the following:
Stock motor block or O.E.M. block that will operate with the stock crankshaft for that model without any alterations for chassis mounting. Approved replacement blocks are acceptable. A NTPA legal Billet Block is permitted in the class.
Stock transmission housing or an approved O.E.M. replacement.
O.E.M. block cannot be altered in any way externally, except for normal repair or for mounting fuel injection pumps. Internal webbing and water jacket to remain intact with provisions to re-bore motor block.
Frame must remain stock from rear of the engine block to rear of all SS tractors.
Clutch housing, transmission case, rear end housing and axle housing must be O.E.M. No aluminum replacements.
All alterations in this rule concerning stock block or O.E.M. must be approved by USA-EAST.
USA-EAST may restrict the maximum turbo boost in any after-market replacement block.
Super Stock tractors will compete at 9500 pounds with the following exceptions:
Super Stock tractors that are accepted in the NTPA Grand National pre-commitment program for the current calendar year are limited to 9000 pounds.
Super Stock tractors utilizing an overhead cam engine are limited to 9000 pounds.
All Super Stock tractors will be limited to two (2) valves per cylinder.
One piece main cap bearings allowed, one piece main cap, not considered a girdle.
“Smoker Series” Tractors must have hood and grill in place as intended by manufacturers.
Wheelbase: Maximum 114 inches with Maximum Length of thirteen feet from center of rear axle to forward most part.
Super Stock Tractors (diesel) are limited to no more than 650 cubic inches.
Super Stock Tractors (diesel) with up to 540 cubic inches are permitted four turbo-charges and may have three pressure stages.
Super Stock Tractors (diesel) with over 540 cubic inches are limited to three turbo chargers with only two pressure stages.
All turbocharged engines on “Smoker Series” tractors will have one cable totally surrounding the engine block and head.
The cable will be 3/8 inch diameter and will be between the first and second cylinders.
Cable must pass through the exhaust manifold port area.
Cable must have a minimum of two clamps at all splices.
Cable will have 4” to 6” inches of slack.
Intercoolers are permitted on Super Stock Tractors.
All “Smoker Series” tractors must have a shield between driver and tire to consist of a solid barrier between driver and any part of the rear tires, sufficient to support the weight of the driver. The barrier must be a minimum of 6” inches from the vertical out over the tire configured as the tire.
A deflection shield between driver and engine from top of hood to top of torque or transmission housing or clutch housing is required. Deflection shield must go from side shield to side shield. This also provides a flash fire barrier.

All Super Stock, Pro Stock, and Super Farm tractors are required to have an approved bell housing blanket that meets the following specifications:

20 ply ballistic nylon or 20 ply Kevlar style 713 netting construction. 17 inches wide and long enough around the bell housing with 6 inches of overlap, secured with six 2” wide nylon web straps, with a steel “D” ring on one end and sewn the length of the blanket (except overlap area) and long enough to pass back through the “D” ring and to be tied in a saddle cinch and with four two inch nylon webs retaining straps, each at the front and back blanket.

Super Stock Tractors may run up to four turbo chargers, but are limited to three (3) pressure stages.
No Four-Wheel drive tractors.
All rules in the general rules section also cover Super Stock tractors, unless otherwise stated.
Pro Stock and Super Farm tractors may run in the “Smoker Series”, but they must meet any and ALL safety requirements for the Super Stock division. A Limited Pro Tractor is welcome to pull in the “Smoker Series” but must be a member of USA-EAST in order to enter the “Smoker Series”.
All “Smoker Series” Tractors will run a safety tie bar system or a one-piece frame rail secured to the rear axle housing.
Tie bars will be mounted to axle housing with at least four (4) axle housing bolts.
Tie bars will extend forward of bell housing area and be fastened to the side of the block with a minimum of two 5/8” bolts.
Tie bars will be of sufficient strength to support weight of tractor with the bolts used to split tractor removed.
All safety blankets must be mounted inside tie bar system.


Pro Stock tractors will run within the “Smoker Series” at 10,000 lbs.
Pro Stock tire size will not exceed 24.5 x 32.
Pro Stock cubic inch limit may be no more than 680 CID.
One turbo-charger is allowed, as is one (1) pressure stage and one (1) air compressing device.
Acceptable fuel is diesel fuel only. Tractor must run the original stock fuel for make and model.
No combustible agents allowed in water injection.
Intercoolers are permitted in Pro Stock Tractors
All Pro Stock Tractors must have SFI approved roll over protection.
The engine placement can be no farther forward than 60” from the center line of the rear axle.
The front nose of the crankshaft can be no lower than 4” of the center of the rear axle.
Maximum wheelbase permitted is 114”.
Aftermarket replacement blocks are permitted. If NOT OEM – block must be approved in advance by USA-EAST.


Tractors using alcohol are welcome to compete within the “Smoker Series”.
Tractors using alcohol as a fuel may collect points in the “Smoker Series” (see below)
All alcohol tractors are considered ‘Super Stock’ in this division.
Officials may alter the weight for Alcohol Tractors (Domination Rule)
Officials may alter the drawbar height for Alcohol Tractors.

Alcohol tractors will fall into three classifications or categories:

A. Alcohol Tractors with no more than 504 cubic Inches (w/two chargers)

Maximum weight to be 9500 pounds.
Over head cams are NOT permitted.
Normal drawbar height of 20 inches will be utilized
Tractor may collect points in the “Smoker Series”.

B. Alcohol Tractors with no more than 504 cubic Inches (w/three chargers)

Maximum weight to be 8500 pounds.
Over head cams are NOT permitted.
Normal drawbar height of 20 inches will be utilized
Engine may be equipped with three chargers but is limited to TWO pressure stages.
Tractor will collect points in the “Smoker Series”.

C. Alcohol Tractors over 504 cubic Inches (Unlimited Super Stock)

Maximum weight to be 8000 pounds.
Drawbar height will be set at 18 inches.
Cubic inch limit of 650 cubic inches to be enforced.
Over head cams are permitted.
Tractor is limited to four turbo-chargers with three pressure stages.
Tractor will collect points in the “Smoker Series”

++ Adjustments for the betterment of the class and sport maybe be made during the season at anytime.

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