Triple Crown Series 4x4 Trucks

2019 GAS Champion Kevin Nemth and “Casper”
2019 DIESEL Champion Shayne Stanford and “Mandingo”

The Triple Crown Series began in 2017 and has grown into the 2019 season with sixteen hooks offered to trucks in this division with USA-EAST. This class was directed at the huge number of owners who want to compete at USA-EAST pulls but are restricted as to how much money that want to put into their ‘daily driver’.

A USA-EAST special membership is required to collect points in 2019. The eventual class winners were honored at the banquet and received a trophy and a banner at the end of the series. There was not a class sponsor for these entry level divisions.

TRIPLE CROWN GAS: Kevin Nemeth from Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania claimed the top spot with his 1978 Ford with 460 cubic inch Ford power. His all white truck was named “Casper”. Nemeth was the winner at three hooks this season including the finals at the Stoneboro Fair.

TRIPLE CROWN DIESEL: Shayne Stanford from Punxsutawney, PA took the diesel end of the series despite some major (and costly) turbocharger failures during the season. Stanford’s Dodge with Cummins power had four wins this season including a ‘must win’ at Stoneboro to finish the season in first place.



ButlerCookportJeff. CountySykesvilleCrawfordStoneboro
TruckMake      TOTAL
Casper1978 Ford384040383440230
Vortech Maxmus2001 Chevy402836403838220
1982 Chevy323838363636216
Doomed2013 Chevy363634304034210
The Sleeper1979 Ford243226343232180
Sarge1986 Chevy28343232280154
Thunderstruck2016 Ram26302828280140
Old Blue1972 Ford30030030090
Super Ram2007 Ram3432000066
 1976 Ford0000000


Diesel DayzBig Butler FairCookportJeff. CountyConneautSykesvilleCrawfordStoneboro
DriverTruckMakeTOTAL        TOTAL
Shayne Stanford -1285Mandingo2001 Ram2642036404040282040264
Kody Kardosh – 1282Financial Corruption2009 Ford2622040383234402038262
Greg Scheller – 11532001 Dodge Ram2582038323838362036258
Robert Pangallo- 1123 1999 Dodge2242026343432302028224
Derek Bressler – 1109 2001 Ford184202030300342030184
Mitch Craft – 1211 1999 Dodge16820300283602034168
Monty Mitchell – 1257 2002 Chevy1542034360032032154
Spencer Smeal -1284 2005 GMC122202803603800122
Jeremy Gahr – 1240Gahrgoyle97 Dodge9420220026002694
Caleb Weisenstein – 1220Cummin Get Some1998 Dodge682024000002468
Garrett Brooks – 1283 2011 Dodge52203200000052
Clayton Rizzo – 1256 2005 Chevy50200003000050
Cody Dean – 1250Always Something03 Ford48200002800048
Bradley Weisenstein – 1229Knight-Ryder1998 Dodge2020000000020
TJ LuFlumme – 1177Shut Up & Dance1999 Dodge2020000000020

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