2018 Limited Pro Stock/Super Farm CLASS CHAMPION:

Ferringer Team – “Smokin’ John”

The Limited Pro Stock/Super Farm class is sometimes seen along with the Interstate Pullers Association but is called ‘Mod Turbo’ in the eastern part of Pennsylvania as well as Virginia and Maryland. The rules for the Limited Pro Stock division and those of the Interstate Pullers are quite similar allowing tractors to move back and forth between the two divisions.   This class of ‘smokers’ is promoted regionally by Full Pull Productions, Inc.

The Champion in 2018 was the Ferringer Team from Dayton, Pennsylvania with their John Deere named “Smokin’ John”. This tractor has pulled with USA-EAST for many years and has finished in the runner-up spot, but never rose to the top until this season. The Team owner is long-time puller Larry Ferringer who also campaigns another new green tractor named “Still Smokin’” in the same class. The driver is Gregg Ferringer from Pittsburgh who is also a professional personal trainer. The team had their best year ever in 2018 as they also won a second championship in another circuit while having to pull in over 25 events this season.

The class sponsor was American Crop Insurance from Louisville, Ohio. Jim Stinson and his team helped to make a very handsome end-of-season point fund for the Limited Pro/Super Farm division. 


LPSFBig Butler FairCookportBunker HillTrumbullJeff.CountyCarrolltonFayetteLisbonBunker Hill
Tim PuglieseDeere Friend67 JD422505046444648485040
Gregg FerringerSmokin' JohnJD407334050485050503650
Larry FerringerStill Smokin'JD403334444504844464846
Daniel ParkSaturday Night HookerJD352484228364040404038
Brad McFarlandUnTamedJD2803803638444604236
Kayla/Nathan GrahamBillet Blue8970 NH20842484200042340
Scott SanorThe Red StallionIH19036024004204642
Ross MartinRunnin Red Warrior92 Case IH18646034340003834
Jim SwiontekBuck UpJD18444026003804432
John KachurikStrugglin'IH17000324003403430
Forest KempNightmareFord1680048460300044
Nathan GrahamBlue Reaper1583046380004400
Laine JobePatience Of JobeFord 540128404000000048
Kolt AndreasHigh GearIH110004042028000
John WilkinsShotgun Red88 IH98003432032000
John LorenzChanceIH 106696003030036000
Erik HicklePoverty Case73 Case303000000000
Dan SchwartzDaddy's Dream640 JD280002800000
Cortney ThompsonJuicedJD 60300000000000