Hot Rod V-8 Tractor CLASS

2019 Champion Louis Roy and “Mad Jack”

Now in its sixth year with USA-EAST the Hot Rod V-8 Tractor class has quickly become one of the most popular divisions both with the fans and with the various fairs that now demand that the class comes to pull at their events.

Hot Rod V-8 Tractors are built on older style tractor frames with high-powered single V-8 engines from automobiles and light trucks. The frame and sheet metal must be pre-1972 to be legal. By rule, all engines may be no larger than 521 cubic inches. So it is not uncommon to see a Massy-Harris 44 with a 472 cubic inch Cadillac motor or a Case 600 with a 478 built up Chevrolet engine. This is where the appeal to the class lies.

Individual owners can choose their combination. They can prepare their tractor within the rules to their own specification. And they can now compete in major league pulling events with USA-EAST.

One of the newcomers became the class champion in 2019 as Louis Roy from Imperial, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh airport area) took the crown. Louis became the first-ever Keystone state based driver to lay claim to the top spot with his IH 706 named “Mad Jack” with Big Block Chevrolet power.

Cen.Pe.Co. Lubricants provided end-of-season bonus bucks to the Hot Rod V-8 division again in 2019. The Central Petroleum Company of Cleveland, Ohio, and Wolcott, Iowa has been a consistent supporter of this class since it began.

 Other sponsors for this entertaining class are:

⦁ NORMANDY SEA and STEAKHOUSE of Minerva, Ohio
⦁ HEUBNER CHEVROLET – Carrollton, Ohio
⦁ BEE MAC TRUCKING from Imperial, Pennsylvania
⦁ GUESS MOTORS of Carroll County, Ohio
⦁ LEPPO RENTS from Canton, Ohio
⦁ RAZOR RENTS from Carrolton, Ohio

Bunker HillGeaugaBunker HillTrumbullCarrolltonConneautMile BranchLisbonBunker HillSmithfieldCrawfordStoneboroSharon
Louis Roy – 1138IH 706Mad Jack58350484850443648425042423746
Kevin McIntire – 1188Case 600High Dollar Hooker56848385044505030484446344244
Dean Kibler – 1214Case 600Good Vibrations53246463632364036503648444834
John Pitts – 1122AC D-17Outlaw Alice50240443448382646284032324648
Oscar Trbovich- 110256 FarmallFreaky Farmall49844424646223850343044362838
Tom Best – 1149Farmall 400Resurrected Red47026402234484844363836304028
Leslie Pitts – 11611956 JDDoe Chaser45442203242323420462240403450
Mike JanoskiIH – Chevy Dur.Bowtie Binder44036363840461842242438482426
Tom Janoski – 1234Mini Mo (Chevy)Old Yellow41838304228303020202834385030
Scott PetermanMM 445Poor Decisions3743450242024038402628283032
Michael Palmer – 1101CockshuttBa-Zinga3462028018203240223426462040
Dennis Moose – 110388 OliverRow Crop Road Runner32020202026404220202024202622
Jim Nugent – 11811972 Oliver 1850Wired3202434282420282220200263242
Tim Dayton- 11461957 CockshottBlue Thunder30622324438422024204222000
John RoyMini-MolineNever Satisifed291202000000304850503736
Dino Guerrieri – 1192JD 4020The Green Reaper27420220220462644203022220
Paul Bowser – 1261Case 930The Tire Man2722020202028242832200202020
Jeremy SeibleCockshuttGet “R” Done242322426302602038000460
John Roy – 113947 Farmall MThe Roy Toy2343026403620222020200000
Daniel Janoski1952 Farmall MThe “M”1962820302020182020000200
Clay Sindlinger/Josh – 116759 Ford 5000Ripped Up19000000443226200242024
Mike ClapperFord CommanderThe Blue Binder14020020202002020200000
Justin Haley68 JD8 Point Buck10820000340342000000
Tim HawkJohn DeereDarkside Deere701802000000320000
Tammy Lynn Yusko49 Oliver 88Olive Nasty581800000000002020
Roger McClureCockshutt 570 Grey Ghost3838000000000000
Farrell BlknapFarmall MBBC1818000000000000
Barry DrippsIH00000000000000
Rick RhodesW-6 McCormickWar-Horse00000000000000
Rick RidenourMasey 4400000000000000
Bruce BeckerFarmall 560Iron Eagle00000000000000
Scott Zimmerman1948 FarmallTammy’s Trouble00000000000000
Joshua ZellersFord 1946Mighty Mini00000000000000

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