3.0 (Smoothbore) Diesel Class

2019 Champion Hunter Snyder and “300 Feet and Change” Chevy

Over the past couple of years, this class of trucks has become extremely popular with more competitors and more fans involved in the class. The class has evolved and has changed over the years. Now is seems to be better than ever.

For 2019 the class adopted the national set of rules for the 3.0 Smooth Bore Diesel 4×4 division… Stock appearing 4×4 truck, 8000 pound, diesel fuel only, 460 cid limit with a maximum 3.0” turbocharger, “p” pump, DOT tires (35” maximum), and 26” drawbar. This permitted pullers from both Ohio and New York and even Canada to come to USA-EAST events and compete on a level playing field.

This is far from a street class of diesel trucks.  Owners use all kinds of techniques to make their trucks perform well beyond the level of stock trucks.  With the advent of “chip technology” a mild-mannered street machine can become an awesome street monster in a matter of hours.

The class winner in 2019 was Hunter Snyder from Carrollton, Ohio. Snyder purchased a historic 1969 Chevrolet (with serious sentimental value to the team) and installed a Cummins engine for power. This combination proved very successful and Snyder brought “300 Feet and Change” to the top of the class this season.

The 3.0 smoothbore class enjoyed a special end-of-season bonus provided by Cen.Pe.Co. Lubricants and Fuel Additives.

 3.0 Diesel Truck Smooth Bore Points Race 


Hunter Snyder – 1173300 & Change1969 Chevy384422040485044424850384
John Humpe -1223Causing Trouble2006 Chevy384402050464446484644384
Charlie Reckert -1272Aint Cheating YetDodge378302044504850504442378
Shearer/ Hindman – 1260Joint Custody1996 Dodge376342046404648465046376
Greg Young – 1174Patriot2001 Dodge358482042444242444036358
Stackhouse/Flavell – 1107Under New Management1994 Ddge27832203242384038360278
Zach McClellan – 1178Midnight Magic2001 Dodge2363620303834040380236
Dominic Gambino -1251Brothers Diesel1997 Dodge216442034364000420216
Dane/Ron Kick -124448 Special1948 Ford1565020380000048156
Josh Hayes -1247The Cure2005 Chevy1524620480000038152
John Savage – 1111Savage Beast2005 Chevy104003003638000104
John Atzrott -1252Mongrel2001 Dodge9438203600000094
Mike Burton – 1196Backwoods Evolution2006 GMC30300000000030


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